August 10, 2010

My ZBrush 4.0 Beta thread live on ZBrush Central.

With the launch of ZBrush 4, the Betatester's threads went live on ZBrush Central. My thread contains a new functions implementation overview, a Shadowbox quickstart guide and 10 new Etcher_Sketcher sheets on the creation of a new Thin Veil of Reality character, using Z4.

It is so humbling and exciting to see my worx alongside those of great artists!

Thread link (with Shadowbox quickstart guide)
Pages 1 - 3
Pages 4 - 6
Pages 7 - 8
Page 9
Page 10

July 27, 2010

My ZBrush 4.0 Beta works featured in Z4 Trailer and Z4 Gallery

Woot! Again so honoured to see my weapon modeling in the Beta trailer and my work featured in the Beta Tester galery!

Check out the Beta Tester Gallery