January 14, 2022

My Etcher's Zipper Pack Pro Released


When I was Beta Testing ZBrush 4R4, I created the basic zippers that ship with ZBrush.

Now, you can unlock their full potential and expand with new models using the Pro package:

-apply a variety of zippers, zippertape and borders in one go: 4 different zipper types each with 6 different border types and 5 position/subtype iterations, fast and logically accessible through 24 IMM brushes.

-Borders and zippertape are automatically UVd.

-Includes the coil and reverse coil zipper brushes.

-Allows the application of closed, open, semi-open, sleeve/boot and pocket zipper position/subtype  iterations.

-a Variety of UVd stiches with a two click placement system.

-a Variety of UVd pullers.

-25 page guide.

-60 min video guide.